Shutterfly           Hacked

Conti Ransomware  Attack

Quick Details of hack

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the company confirmed in a statement last Sunday night.

American photography company Shutterfly has experienced a ransomware attack on parts of its networks,

The attack appears to the work of Conti ransomware group.

Sources says stolen data includes - 

Legal Aggrements

Bank & Merchant Account info.

Customers Informations

Corporate Service Login Details

Last 4 digits of Credit Cards

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Conti runs "double extortion" campaign in which hackers encrypt & steal files.

Hackers demanded ransom from victim in order to restore access to the systems

If the victims don't pay, the actors threaten to leak the stolen data.

Company declined to comments

No words about Negotiation with Hackers

Shutterfly says- 

Shutterfly Says

No Credit Cards Data Stolen

Financial data & Social Security Numbers NOT AFFECTED