Pwning all Google Phone with Arm Mali GPU bug

It turns out that the first “all Google” phone includes a non-Google bug. Learn about the details of CVE-2022-38181, a vulnerability in the Arm Mali GPU.

In this post, security researcher ‘Man Yue Mo’ shares the details of CVE-2022-38181, a vulnerability in the Arm Mali GPU that he reported to the Android security team on 2022-07-12 along with a proof-of-concept exploit that used this vulnerability to gain arbitrary kernel code execution and root privileges on a Pixel 6 from an Android app.

The bug was assigned bug ID 238770628. After initially rating it as a High-severity vulnerability, the Android security team later decided to reclassify it as a “Won’t fix” and they passed my report to Arm’s security team.

The Arm security team quickly fixed the bug and released a public patch in version r40p0 of the driver on 2022-10-07 to address the issue.

However, The android security team silently fixed the bug in the January update on the Pixel devices without crediting the researcher.

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