Linux Kernel Exploit (CVE-2022-32250) with mqueue

Netfilter is a framework in the Linux kernel for implementing various networking-related tasks with user-defined handlers. Netfilter provides various functions for packet filtering, network address translation and port translation, and packet logging. Netfilter represents a set of hooks that allow other kernel modules to register callback functions in the kernel’s networking stack.

nftables is a component of Netfilter that filters or reroutes packets according to user-defined rules. nftables supports sets to make it easier to use multiple IP addresses, port numbers, etc. in a single rule. sets can be represented using braces when defining rules (e.g., {22, 80, 443}), and sets types include ipv4_addr, ipv6_addr, ether_addr, inet_proto, inet_service, and mark.

nftables have tables, chains, rules, and expressions to store and process instructions. tables contain several chains and are linked to protocols such as IP and IP6. chains include several rules and the types of network traffic information to be processed. rules contain several expressions, and the information received by chains is evaluated as rules inside chains. expressions evaluate whether the input satisfies a set of conditions.

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