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CVE-2021-45467: CWP CentOS Web Panel preauth RCE

CentOS Web Panel or commonly known as CWP is a popular web hosting management software, used by over 200,000 unique servers, that can be found on Shodan or Census. The vulnerability chain that we used to exploit a full preauth remote command execution as root uses file inclusion (CVE-2021-45467) and file write (CVE-2021-45466) vulnerabilities. In this post we hope to cover our vulnerability research journey, and how we approached this particular target.

Mapping out attack surface

After hosting CWP on a local environment it quickly became evident that most features require administrative or user accounts to perform. Since we are interested only in vulnerabilities that can be exploited without user authentication or interaction, we will avoid all the restricted sections and focus our research on parts of the panel that are exposed without authentication in the webroot. Turns out, not a lot is exposed.

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