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Microsoft Exchange Deserialization RCE (CVE-2021–42321)

From the advisory of Microsoft, it stated that this CVE is a post-auth RCE. We just wonder that is a pre-auth RCE because it costs $200.000 when you have a successful demonstration at Tianfu Cup 2021. But with the patch from MS we only know that MS patch the post-auth RCE, maybe MS let the customer have time to patch the post-auth RCE and later release another patch for an auth bypass vulnerability?

If we look carefully at the advisory of Microsoft we can notice that only Exchange 2016 CU 21,22 and Exchange 2019 CU 10,11 . This means the only recent latest version of Exchange 2016,2019 are vulnerable to this CVE Microsoft also release a patch for Exchange 2016,2019 before the Tianfu Cup happened and Exchange was pwned after this patch, so we need to diff the patch October and November 2021.

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