Pre-Auth Takeover Bug in GoCD

GoCD, written in Java, is a popular CI/CD solution with a large range of users from NGOs to Fortune 500 companies with billions of dollars in revenue. Naturally, this makes it a critical piece of infrastructure and an extremely attractive target for attackers. In order to automate build and release processes, a centralized CI/CD solution has access to various production environments and private source code repositories. 

With so much trust and responsibility placed in CI/CD solutions, a compromise of any part of the software delivery pipeline would be detrimental to a company running GoCD. An attacker in control of any component within a release pipeline could leak intellectual property or include backdoors in software that the company distributes to the public or uses internally. As an example, think about the SolarWinds hack, where attackers gained access to the software delivery pipeline and added a backdoor to critical software, leading to one of the most impactful supply-chain attacks thus far.

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